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Maltese Passport Banks "Best ID" Accolade

Malta’s new generation e-passport has been crowned as the best regional ID document of the year. The award recognises the highest levels of achievement among global government passports and ID cards, and was awarded to Identity Malta Agency during the High Security Printing EMEA Conference, which was organised by Reconnaissance International in Portugal.

The conference was attended by 270 delegates from more than 136 organisations and 43 countries. The new ePassport, incorporating cutting-edge technology, was launched in November 2019 and integrates cutting-edge technology and new security features which will further prevent the counterfeiting of the document.

Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship & Communities Alex Muscat yesterday said that the award recognises Malta's continuous effort in protecting its citizens’ identity through technological advancements.

Biographic data is now laser engraved on a polycarbonate card present within in the new passport. It is also printed on very sensitive secure paper that includes advanced security features and techniques using UV and visible fibres, high quality cylinder mould watermarks and security thread. Biometric features and a chip embedded in the document are used to verify the holder's identity.

The inner pages of the new document depict imagery of renowned Maltese landmarks and cultural heritage including those of the Cittadella in Gozo and the Manoel Theatre. The new passport will be issued gradually, on application for a new passport or upon renewal.

The Malta passport consistently places in the top-ten list of most powerful passports, being passports that are most travel-friendly, offering visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel.

The Individual Investor Programme (IIP) is a route to Maltese and EU citizenship, and entitles successful applicants and their family members to hold a Maltese passport. The IIP is the first citizenship programme within the European Union that has been recognised by the European Commission. The aim of this programme is to attract to Malta applicants who wish to relocate to an EU country, and who are willing to share their expertise, knowledge and business connections.

To find out more and the Individual Investor Programme (IIP) and how we can assist you in obtaining Maltese citizenship by investment, click here or contact us.

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