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03. Media Law

Media Law and Reputation Management

We provide discreet, effective and expert advice to legal entities, public figures, and high profile / high net worth individuals in the politics arena, business, industry, entertainment and media sectors.

Our clients come to us because of our reputation, expertise and track record of giving impartial advice and taking solid action. We are renowned for our discretion, as well as our expertise in safeguarding our client’s reputation and avoiding unwanted media interest.

We respond decisively and effectively to protect the reputation of our clients when they are affected by a criminal or regulatory investigation/prosecution. Our lawyers are proactive from the outset and highly experienced in managing the media, controlling the release of information into the public domain and ensuring minimum disruption to our client’s life and reputation.

In addition, where necessary or desirable, we work closely with PR experts and other advisers to protect the reputation and privacy of our clients, which may include instituting legal proceedings against the media.

Our services include:


  • Acting for high profile/public figures in matters of unwelcome/unfair media attention.

  • Dealing with harassment whether domestic or by the press.

  • Assisting in libel and defamation litigation, for both claimant and defendant. 

  • Protecting clients who have had private information about them published by news organisations, the internet and/or via social media.

  • Representing professional people including business people and politicians in relation to reputation management issues.

  • Corporate reputation management for public and private organisations.

Decades of Accumulated Practice

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