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02. Civil Law

Civil Law

The Maltese civil law system has its origins in the continental law system. Civil Law in Malta deals with cases in which individuals or companies are involved; the cases usually deal with disputes related to land claims, accidents or breaches of provisions of contracts. In order to resolve disputes that may arise in the civil cases, individuals or companies must be represented in the Maltese Courts by an advocate; our law firm in Malta can provide you with in-depth information on the wide range of cases covered by the civil law. 

Civil Litigation


In representing our clients in disputes with other parties, we first attempt to resolve conflicts through negotiation and mediation. Where these approaches do not succeed, we consult with our clients to determine whether, in light of economic and emotional resources, litigation is a reasonable option. If it is, or our clients have already been sued, we actively prosecute or defend our clients’ positions, as we have done in hundreds of matters before Maltese courts of first instance and appellate courts. Our litigation lawyers have developed successful strategies and tactics designed to obtain all necessary factual information, to encourage reasonable settlement and, if necessary, to prevail at trial. In addition, after trial, we represent parties on appeals and in the enforcement of settlements and judgments.

Personal Injury/Wrongful Death

We represent individuals who have suffered physical injury and the survivors of relatives who have died as the result of the negligence of others. In this representation, we are committed to obtaining maximum recoveries for medical bills, economic loss and other damages.

Insurance Disputes/Litigation

We represent insureds in negotiations and litigation against their insurance companies to obtain rightful policy benefits.


Employment and Labour Litigation


In this growing and ever-changing field, we represent both employers and employees in employment discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination cases as well as in proceedings before the Public Service Commission and disciplinary proceedings before corporate disciplinary boards.

Real Estate and Construction Litigation


We represent buyers and sellers, developers, contractors, real estate professionals, land owners and neighbours in real estate litigation ranging from adverse possession to zoning. We have expertise in eviction proceedings representing both landlords and tenants. Moreover, we represent general contractors and subcontractors, sureties and others in litigation and arbitrations involving both public and private construction projects.

Civil Writs and Appeals


We handle civil proceedings and appeals on behalf of plaintiffs, defendants and appellants in all Maltese Courts and Tribunals.

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