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04. Employment Law

Employment Law

The firm is deeply committed to its employment law practice. This covers nearly all areas of the employer-employee relationship, including discrimination, human resource policy and practice and wrongful discharge.

The firm has considerable experience and expertise representing and counselling employees of all types including employees of private companies, and employees of the government or of other public entities and corporations, in such matters as:

  • wrongful termination

  • employment discrimination, including discrimination on the basis of age, sex, physical or mental disability, race, religion, medical condition, etc.

  • potential job loss/disciplinary hearings of all types

  • job rights

  • litigation in the Industrial Tribunal and Civil Courts

  • administrative trials and hearings, including the Public Service Commission

  • settlements

  • privacy protection

  • whistle blowing

  • defamation

  • sexual harassment

  • defence of occupational and professional licenses

  • grievances/complaints.


Additionally, the firm offers employers a broad range of specialised services, including drafting and review of employment contracts, negotiation in conciliation proceedings, litigation in the Industrial Tribunal and Civil Courts, etc.

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