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“If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it” - Albert Einstein

Those were wise words, but most organisations don’t heed them when tackling an impasse they face with suppliers, service providers, clients and competitors. Most companies aren’t sufficiently rigorous in defining the problems they’re attempting to solve and articulating why those issues are important. Without that rigour, organisations miss opportunities, waste resources, and end up pursuing litigation that is costly and frustrating. And, yes, with coronavirus restrictions, litigation may not even be an option.

Many organisations need to become better at asking the right questions so that they tackle their problems with a negotiation methodology that is shown to produce results. Unfortunately, few companies think systematically about their negotiating activities and would benefit from professional help in structuring and executing this critical task. We offer proven strategies and processes for negotiation that any organisation can employ directly towards resolving complex issues they are facing with their negotiation counterpart.

At Mifsud Bonnici, we have been assisting businesses and individuals with legal issues for over 22 years, and our advisors have extensive legal and litigation experience. We are also trained in business management and in the most recognised negotiation strategies and practices. You’ll find that we’re more than just lawyers. We think business, not litigation fees.

Why Negotiate?

A negotiation is an interactive process through which two or more parties seek to come to mutual agreement. You typically negotiate when you want something from someone and when someone wants something from you. When you negotiate, you:

Balance competing interests and resolve conflicts. By working through your partners’ or adversaries’ different motivations and needs, you reach agreements, find solutions, and keep projects moving.


Work with people over whom you have no control. When you work with external people, you cannot tell them what to do. Instead, you need to collaborate to get things done.


Build and maintain relationships. By successfully reaching agreements with others, you form connections based on trust.


Achieve your objectives. Effective negotiation helps you get what you want for your company.

Our value is measured in Euros and healthy long-term relationships


Our Process

We will not wing it - your company and your stakeholders deserve better. We conduct negotiation for your company in distinct phases.


We will prepare to negotiate: identify the type and scope of negotiation, establish and improve your position, assess the other party’s position and identify the zone of possible agreement.


We will help you conduct the negotiation, including offers and counteroffers. Setting the stage and the tone using our strategies, while continuing to evaluate what is happening.


We will help you finalise the agreement, preventing errors, and counsel you on managing your emotions and dealing with the inevitable impasses along the way.


We will also draft legally binding agreements that seal the deal.


We are technology-driven, and can also deploy our negotiating process via video conference platforms, minimising disruption, travel time and health concerns.

Case Study #1:

A manufacturing company is facing order cancellations and a revenue crisis caused by the pandemic black swan event. Renegotiating its labour collective agreement is critical to its survival. Our negotiating insights and employment law expertise help it weather the crisis.

Case Study #2:

An organisation is litigating a property deal which went sour, but delays in court due to the pandemic mean that recouping its investment within a realistic timeframe is not likely, and its cashflow is impacted. Our support in reaching a negotiated settlement is crucial.

Who We Are

We have been practicing law for over 22 years, growing strong roots for our business and employment practice. Our professional negotiation advisors are warranted, with executive training from top-tier international business schools, and additional negotiation

tools developed by Harvard. We adhere to the strictest professional standards, including statutory confidentiality and professional secrecy rules.

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