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Safe Haven

As the world struggles with the Covid-19 pandemic, Malta remains a safe haven: a tiny jewel in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea that has once again shown its strength at a time of crisis.  

During this health crisis, the Government of Malta has ensured the safety of its citizens and of all who reside on the islands. Thanks to Malta’s state of the art healthcare system and the continuous measures imposed by the Malta health authorities, when compared to other countries, Malta has fared very well, so much so that on the 22nd of April 2020, it has been credited by Investment Migration Insider for its impeccable performance in combating Covid-19 and “clearly setting an example for others to follow.” (

Moreover, on the 29th of May 2020, when interviewed during Bay Chats, Commonwealth General Secretary Patricia Scotland hailed Malta for the way it is handling the Covid-19 outbreak, and even congratulated Malta for faring the best in Europe, outlining the fact that the Government of Malta “galvanised the energy that is quintessentially Maltese, and kept people safe” and adding that “Many people are looking at Malta, not only celebrating her, but also copying her too.” (

Malta has seen the least number of deaths amongst citizenship by investment options

According to the data issued by the World Health Organisation on the 8th of June 2020, when compared to its closest citizenship by investment competitors, Malta has fought this battle quite well and so far, had the least amount of casualties.

Now that we are looking towards a post-pandemic future, the Maltese government has just announced A Better Tomorrow stimulus package. The incentives are targeted towards further stimulating local consumption. Among other incentives, the package provides cash vouchers to all Maltese residents 16 years and older, which can be used at local establishments which have suffered the greatest hit during the outbreak. The package also gives further assistance, reducing fuel prices, lowering the tax on property sales, issuing tax refunds, improving in-work benefits and providing compensation to couples whose wedding has been postponed.

Malta proudly retains its remarkable standpoint of being the world’s safe haven in the Covid-19 age.

Dr Jenilee Agius

Citizenship and Residence by Investment Programmes - Immigration Law - Civil Law

This commentary should not be regarded as legal advice. Contact us to learn more about your eligibility to obtain Malta citizenship or residency by investment.

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