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Online Renewal and Extension of Residence Permits Now Happening

There is no need for applicants to attend in person at the offices of Identity Malta Agency to renew or extend a residence permit.

In view of the COVID-19 outbreak, Identity Malta Agency has been taking a number of precautions in the interest of public health. These precautionary measures include a list of guidelines which help expatriates to be served electronically rather than having to physically attend at the agency’s premises in Msida in order to apply for, renew or extend their residence permit.

Identity Malta Agency is renewing and extending residence permits through an online process. Through this system, the renewal and extension of the said permits is initiated by the applicant, who is required to send an email to the agency to inform it about the expiry of the said permit, expressing a wish to have it renewed or extended. This will be followed by the agency’s email confirmation that the applicant’s request has been received. Once approved, the applicant will be informed that the permit has been renewed or extended, as the case may be.

Applicants should be aware that Identity Malta Agency will still evaluate the application for a permit’s renewal or extension. Hence, the required supporting documents still need to be attached. If the required documents are not provided, applicants risk having the renewal or extension of the residence permit refused.

Attendance in person is still required for the purpose of collecting residence cards, changing the residential address and to report lost cards. Renewed residence cards may be collected once a confirmation letter is received by applicants. We recommend that applicants contact the expatriates unit before they head out to collect their card, in order to avoid waiting in long queues.

Applicants who need to report a lost card or a change in address are advised to first contact the expatriates unit for an appointment.

These changes in procedures may seem confusing at first. However, once one adjusts to the new normal and follows the required steps, one will realise that this new system is actually more efficient and less time consuming.

Dr Jenilee Agius

Immigration Law - Civil Law

This commentary should not be regarded as legal advice. If your are facing immigration or residency issues, kindly contact us so we can assist you.

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