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I Skyped my Lawyer!

Mediterranean culture is a contact culture rooted in the importance of face-to-face communication as a basis for trust and building a personal relationship. This cannot be more true than in the lawyer-client relationship, which calls for trust, complete discretion and full disclosure. However, our daily necessities in the Covid-19 era are redefining such a deeply seated mentality and pushing us to explore alternative methods of meeting and communication.

Having to ‘Skype’ or ‘video call’ your lawyer might not be the scenario you envisaged when contemplating how you would be disclosing your decision to file for marital separation, or seeking redress because of a contract or business deal that did not go as planned.

Online legal consultation will, however, provide you with the assistance you need, from the comfort and safety of your home, wherever you are in the world, and without the need to expose yourself to the risk of infection. There is no need to wait in a queue, no traffic-induced stress and, as a bonus, it is free from any parking hassle.

Moreover, confidentiality, the foundation of the lawyer-client relationship is still guaranteed. Various video conferencing technologies offer end-to-end encryption and other security features that seek to ensure that only the intended persons are present for the meeting and no information is overheard. It is, by far, more secure than a normal phone conversation. It is then it is up to parties themselves to trust one another, just like they would in any regular office environment.

Offices and employers are still legally bound to provide a safe and secure workplace for their employees, and professionals also have families who they wish to protect. Health authorities are still urging us to respect social distancing measures and to work remotely, where possible. Hence, the complete reopening of public spaces, such as offices, and returning to normal life as we were used to does not appear to be happening very soon.

Video conferencing and online legal consultation address the immediate need for personalised, timely advice while still adhering to health and safety measures required by the authorities. Some things really can't wait for a return to the 'normal' life we were used to. Legal rights may be lost if no action is taken within set times. Waiting for the right time to visit a lawyer's office could turn out to be a costly decision.

The right technology is available now, is easy to use, and can be used by clients to their advantage.

Dr Anthea Witney Turner

Civil Law - Employment Law - Expat Law

Should you require any legal assistance, all our team members are available for online consultation through easy to use video conference technology. Our video consultation sessions are private, secure, convenient and with transparent fees. No software is necessary at your end, and you may book an appointment now.

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