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Restaurants, hairdressers and other select businesses in Malta to resume activity

Updated: May 21, 2020

Food and beverage establishments, hairdressers and beauticians will be allowed to re-open with adapted protocols following a relaxation of pandemic measures coming into effect as from Friday, 22nd May 2020. Funeral masses will be permitted, while sport options will increase to include no-contact sports, such as tennis and diving. Groups of up to six persons would be allowed in public, increasing from a limit of four.

During a televised press conference this evening, Prime Minister Robert Abela announced what he termed a “prudent” relaxation of covid-19 restrictions in Malta. He said that the lowering of measures followed a rational assessment of the local situation, giving weight to the low transmission figures recorded in Malta, and the medical contingency upgrades recently implemented, including an increase in beds and medical equipment.

Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne announced that public medical health services unrelated to covid-19 infections would be increased. Diabetes, cardiac and well-baby clinics would also reopen, as would mental health initiatives within the community. Additionally, more screening facilities would imminently resume.

The Prime Minister emphasised common sense and education to retain the principles of social distancing, which have been embraced by the public.

The select service industry, especially businesses in the food and beverage sector, are expected to scramble into action to resume operations. It is expected that these operators will, for some time, continue to face adverse conditions, with an adaptation of their business model becoming necessary in order to respect the mandatory requirements of social distancing.

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